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Out of Thin Air
Michael Crawley

Category: Leisure: Sports & Games
ISBN: 1-4729-7533-2 EAN: 978-1-4729-7533-1 Format: PB Pages: 262 Publisher: Bloomsbury Year: 2021 Quantity in Stock: 61
Cover price: £12.99 Sale Price: £4.99

"Why does it make sense to Ethiopian runners to get up at 3am to run up and down a hill? Who would choose to train on almost impossibly steep and rocky terrain, in hyena territory? And how come Ethiopian men hold six of the top ten fastest marathon times ever? Michael Crawley spent fifteen months in Ethiopia training alongside (and sometimes a fair way behind) runners at all levels of the sport, from night watchmen hoping to change their lives to world class marathon runners, in order to answer these questions. Follow him into the forest as he attempts to keep up and get to the heart of their success."--Publisher's description.

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