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Industrial work and life
Geert de Neve, Massimiliano Mollona, Jonathan P. Parry

Category: Sciences: Science
ISBN: 1-84788-074-6 EAN: 978-1-84788-074-1 Format: pb Pages: 482 Publisher: Berg Year: 2009 Quantity in Stock: 269
Cover price: £21.99 Sale Price: £6.99

Industrial Work and Life: An Anthropological Reader is a comprehensive anthropological overview of industrialisation in both Western and non-Western societies. Based on contemporary and historical ethnographic material, the book unpacks the 'world of industry' in the context of the shop floor, the family, and the city, revealing the rich social and political texture underpinning economic development. It also provides a critical discussion of the assumptions that inform much of the social science literature on industrialization and industrial 'modernity.' The reader is divided into four thematic sections, each with a clear and informative introduction: historical development of industrial capitalism; shopfloor organization; the relationships between the workplace and the home; the teleology of industrial 'modernity' and working-class consciousness. With readings by key writers from a range of backgrounds and disciplines, Industrial Work and Life is the essential introduction to the study of industrialisation in different societies. It will appeal to students across a wide range of subjects including: anthropology, comparative sociology, social history, development studies, industrial relations and management studies.

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