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Leah Kharibian

Category: Art & Media: Art, Photography & Fashion
ISBN: 1-85709-313-5 EAN: 978-1-85709-313-1 Format: Paperback Pages: 46 Publisher: National Gallery Year: 2007 Quantity in Stock: 12
Sale Price: £3.99

Born in Seville in 1599--possibly to a noble family--Vel�zquez was trained by Francisco Pacheco, whose daughter he married in 1618. After leaving the studio of his father-in-law for Madrid and the court of Philip IV, he began painting from life and developed his virtuoso style marked by loose brushwork and breathtaking naturalism. This book introduces Vel�zquez and his milieu, tracing his development from the earliest Sevilian bodegones [still lifes] to his late mythological pictures and the great series of royal portraits. With a chronology and an absorbing and accessible text, it features fifteen carefully chosen and beautifully reproduced masterpieces.

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